March 19, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Moore & Van Allen
100 N. Tryon Street
Past Event
$15.00 USD Member
Past Event
$30.00 USD Non-Member Guest
Women Lawyers

Own It: Your Career, Your Profession, Your Growth

Join us on March 19th, 11:30am- 1:00pm for our first quarter luncheon as we hear from business leadership strategists, Heather McCullough and Jill Huse from Society 54.  Moore & Van Allen is our gracious host.  Boxed lunches will be provided from Just Fresh.  Please note:  Attendees will need to bring photo IDs to check in with security and get up to the 46th floor.

This program will be an interactive session in exploring the fundamental skills for defining your own personal success.  We will share best practices in communicating, building confidence and defining your unique brand.  Gone are the days when your value as an attorney was linked only to your loyalty and seniority.  In order to be successful, you need to take charge of your destiny by differentiating yourself and delivering on your promise of value.  This is what will separate you from your peers, colleagues and competition.  Understanding your unique combination of strengths, skills, relationships and experience, and using those attributes will help guide you to a successful future in all that you do.

About the Presenters:

Heather McCullough, Society 54 Co-Founder

Heather is two parts wit and one part tenacity, with heaping doses of creativity and intellect on the side. Heather represents the power of hard work, strategy and collaboration. For more than 15 years, she has brought game-changing results to professional services firms across the Southeast. As the director of business and practice development at one of the most well-respected law firms in the Carolinas, Heather oversaw all aspects of firm branding and business development, including communications, client relations, events and business development – – all while keeping a keen eye on budgets and ROI.  In the consulting realm, Heather never says no to a challenge. She knows that hollow rebranding and marketing can fall flat, and operates as a tireless advocate for her clients to ensure that efforts are anything but hollow. She is well known in the legal marketing industry and her wheels never stop turning when it comes to generating profit, rapport and direction for her clients.

Jill Huse, Society 54 Co-Founder

Jill is renowned as a trusted professional services advisor. Jill, a certified Worldwide Association of Business Coaches Coach, is highly regarded for her progressive ingenuity, research-based strategy and, most importantly, her ability to deliver results for clients. She has worked in professional services marketing (legal and accounting) for more than seventeen years. She has an innate ability to identify, encourage and develop her clients’ unique and differentiating professional strengths, and to help clients leverage these strengths to meet and exceed bottom line goals. As the director of marketing at one of the most reputable AmLaw firms in the southeast, Jill structured and led her team in developing, implementing and managing award-winning communication, business development and marketing initiatives. Further, Jill is a tenured member of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA), currently serving on the International Board of Directors as President- elect and previously served as the past president of the Southeastern Chapter. Additionally, she is one of the founding members of Law 2.5, a roundtable think tank focused on the future of the legal industry and how to implement and lead change.


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